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Mum! I am a Genius ( Part 2 )

Eng Mohamed Hisham

Mum! I am a Genius ( Part 2 )

The content

  • Developing the creative imagination in children (video lecture).
  • How to exploit your child’s questions in developing his genius (104 points)?
  • Games for developing the genius (15 games).
  • Your child must be fond of Qur’an, but how (61 points).

Who is the lecturer
  • A specialist in discovering children’s talents.
  • The founder of 80 fekra organization, the first educational organization specialized in raising genius children.
  • The presenter of 83 lectures in 2016 (in el sheikh zayed, al motmayez, madinet nasr, Azzaqaziq, Giza, el tagamo’ el khames, hadaeq el qoba, Hurghada, el moqatam, Abbasiyya and online lectures.
  • The designer of 4 courses about raising genius children (Mum! I am a Genius “part 1”, Mum! I am a Genius “part 2”, My son is Superman, and Catch Abqarino).
  • The supervisor of 9 authors specialized in writing books for genius children.
  • The author of (Mum! I am a Genius, 3 editions have become available in 2016).
  • A supervisor and participant in designating 12 courses for raising genius children (will be published in 6/2017).
  • The determiner of 114 talents of children in the first half of 2016.
  • You can contact him on his personal account (https://www.facebook.com/mohammed.hisham.7906)

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