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Bring Up Geniuses

Eng Mohamed Hisham

Bring Up Geniuses

it's sure that you want your kid to be unique and genius but how you can achieve that
Don't worry, we provide this course to help you achieve that

The course consist of 15 lectures
Lecture 1 : how to discover your child’s advantages and disadvantages.
Lecture 2 : how to put plans to develop the advantages and deal with the disadvantages?
Lecture 3 : Developing the creative thinking in children
Lecture 4 : How to exploit your child’s questions in developing his genius
Lecture 5 : The art of time organizing
Lecture 6 : How to develop your child’s interest in reading
Lecture 7 : Developing the creative imagination in children
Lecture 8 : Your child must be fond of Qur’an, but how
Lecture 9 : Your child is multilingual “a double-edged weapon”
Lecture 10 : Games for developing the genius
Lecture 11 : The most effective way to make your child self-confident
Lecture 12 : Praise wisely+Creativity in celebration
Lecture 13 : Comparing… how to make use of it + prevent egotism
Lecture 14 : The art of motivating your child
Lecture 15 : Independency
Very Important notes

There are tasks after most lectures so that you apply lectures practicially
There are weekly discussions to answer all questions
There are 4 partial tests and final test
We provide you all lecture contacts ( Phone + whatssapp +personal account ) in additional to adding him to course group
Lectures are organised in web so that you can watch it in any time and repeat it as you want


Who is the lecturer

  • A specialist in discovering children’s talents.

  • The founder of 80 fekra organization, the first educational organization specialized in raising genius children.

  • The presenter of 94 lectures in 2016 (in el sheikh zayed, al motmayez, madinet nasr, Azzaqaziq, Giza, el tagamo’ el khames, hadaeq el qoba, Hurghada, el moqatam, Abbasiyya and online lectures.

  • The designer of 4 courses about raising genius children (Mum! I am a Genius “part 1”, Mum! I am a Genius “part 2”, My son is Superman, and Catch Abqarino).

  • The supervisor of 9 authors specialized in writing books for genius children.

  • The author of (Mum! I am a Genius, 3 editions have become available in 2016).

  • A supervisor and participant in designating 12 courses for raising genius children (will be published in 6/2017).

  • The determiner of 114 talents of children in the first half of 2016.

  • You can contact him on his personal account https://www.facebook.com/mohammed.hisham.7906


Fees of course
Fees is 600 LE instead of 750 LE ( or 70$ )
You can pay 200 each month ( 200 LE at participating, 200 after first month , 200 after second month )
If you prefere one time payment, you can pay 500 LE instead of 750


You can book via
Vodafon Cash 01096512425
Orange Money 01212666026
Etisalat Flous 01158355322
Deposite in bareed ( account no 0707610004468818, Name : Mohamed Hisham Gomaa )
After Payment, Please send messege to our page to assure booking


EGP 600

SAR 70

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Course Dates

Start Date :2016-09-23

End Date :2017-01-16

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Course Details

   Total Hours 30 Hours
   Total Lecturs 15